The Mobile Notary

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Reason & Purpose               

                                       The Idea!!!!
I realize giving accessibility to individuals pressed for time or unable to mobilize is an untapped service. I had been a Notary for a couple years and had provided services all over my community, so we ventured into this business. We came up with a name and set a goal for our vision. I do team with other local notaries that provide services for the clients of The Mobile Notary. Being the owner/operator makes it easier to provide personal care,  track quality control, maintain confidentiality, and establish relationships with our patrons.

The Mobile Notary
                                               The Testimony!!!
 I woke up one day and was called into the service of mankind. I have come into the realization that doing what is right is not because I need to earn anything, but doing the right things because of what I already have received. Since this business is a success, the training of other like minded young people in entrepreneurship is the next level.
                                            The Reason!!!

I thank God for giving me the courage to try new things. With my life I plan to use it to help people with their needs. I want you to know that although this is a business, it is our aim to be the best third-party provider in the country for our partners.
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